Short Sales and Document Management


Monday, August 13th, 2012  by Chris Hacker


Imagine you have two dozen projects running side-by-side, all at different points in their completion. Now imagine attempting to track 15 different documents, some of which will have 3 to 5 versions, across 4 to 8 months, for each project. Add on that you can’t produce the documents yourself; in fact the people who are responsible for getting them to you often won’t want to give them to you. Finally even when they do want to cooperate, they are faxing or emailing them to you and you have to manage the filing yourself. Sounds bad enough, but it’s worse when it’s not even your job, and if you don’t handle it, you won’t get paid. Such is the burden on the real estate agent working a short sale.

Yay legal documents!
ifindkarma / Foter / CC BY

What if you had an assistant whose only job was to keep a list of all of the documents and each day remind the people who owe you those documents to send them to you? What if that assistant pulled the documents out of your email and kept track of the versions for you? And when other people wanted to see the documents, what if your assistant made sure they got the most current version? What if, all along the way, you always knew what was going on with those documents and why, without talking to your assistant? imagine how much your personal document management assistant would save you in time and frustration. Want to hire that assistant?

Those who have been able to get invited to use ShortTrack’s Document Management have started to experience the time savings and peace of mind that comes with document certainty. For free. Ask us when this will be available in your area. Find a local u

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