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A simple way to stay compliant


ShortTrack is a highly flexible platform which helps you organize your office in the cloud while securing NPI.   ShortTrack’s simple collaboration interface makes it the ideal tool to manage compliance, communication, and closings.

  • Securing NPI


    All it takes is one exposure to cause your business to unravel.  Free yourself from the confines and customer inconvenience of email encryption.  ShortTrack’s secure communication and document sharing system requires a password to access all information.  Your customers will only need one password, and will also get access to ShortTrack’s calendering and title ordering.

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  • Eliminate Email Encryption


    ShortTrack’s exclusive partner provides you with a solution that is better than email encryption.  Imagine that every email in your office is automatically sniffed for NPI.  Whether it is an SSN in an email, or a checking account number in a document, it won’t go out.  And it doesn’t end there.  ShortTrack will automatically send a notification to your customer that a message and/or document is waiting for them.  Sniffed out and notified.  No thinking involved.


  • Eliminate data re-key


    Avoid double entry by connecting your title production software with ShortTrack.

    Push secure documents to ShortTrack so you can securely share them with your customers.  Trigger ShortTrack’s notification system from your completed task checklists. Give customers mobile access to closing information.  This is the easy use portal that your customer will love!


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  • Automate closing changes


    Notify everyone of the closing date, time, and location with the click of a button.  Closing notifications are instantly sent to all transaction team members.  Closing time changed?  Just update the closing information and ShortTrack will automatically send everyone a new notification and update the shared calendar.

  • Increase adoption



    Not all of your customers want to log in, even if it helps protect their security.  ShortTrack allows your customers to simply reply using their email.  All responses and documents are permissioned to the correct file in ShortTrack.  Whether you are setting up a closing notification, sharing a document, assigning a task, or inviting someone to a transaction team, all customer responses are logged so everything is organized and in one place at the closing.


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  • Clearly define processes


    Automate your office without involving your IT department using ShortTrack’s dynamic workflow templates.  With the CFPB rules in place, each of your lenders will have different demands.  Easily create different workflows for different lenders, offices, closers, attorneys, or agents.   Simply select the workflow when setting up a new file and all tasks, dates, and roles assignments are automated.

  • Simplify Ordering


    Go paperless and automate your ordering inside of ShortTrack.  Your customers will be able to input all of your required information from any device.   The order and information will be accessible to your customers as well as any update history.

    Already have a web form?  We can integrate your existing web form to feed into ShortTrack. No more wasting time searching through your email for an order.  The order information is logged and accessible to the appropriate parties in ShortTrack.

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  • Keep Everyone in Sync


    Simplify closing transparency with ShortTrack’s shared calendar.  Easily coordinate with everyone in your office, your reps, external closers, and your customers.  Everyone will know when the closing is and when changes are made.

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  • Use closings for sales data


    How would you like to easily see how many closings or orders a customer has?  How about knowing how  many closings are being shared between various customers?   With ShortTrack, you can easily see who the favorite customer of your favorite customer is.  Your sales reps will love it!

  • Title Partners


    ShortTrack is always partnering with new and useful products.  Check out our latest partner!


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  • Accessible On Any Device


    You may work from a desk, but your clients don’t.   Status updates and new information can happen at any time, making it crucial to stay informed and immediately communicate changes to your customers.  ShortTrack is accessible from any mobile device through its responsive web app, securing any NPI in the event a device is lost or stolen.