• Connecting Customers to Your Software

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  •  EasyOrdersTM

    Your Real Estate agents click a button in their software.  The order automatically appears in yours!

  • DocuSign

    eSignature integration to your title production software.  No uploading, downloading, or email again!

  • EasyDocs

    Clients complete web questionnaires, e-sign, and the data is synced with your title software.

  • Documents

    Deliver Wire Instructions and Documents without the hassle of email encryption.

  • Digital Orders

    Why do you have to re-key data and download/upload documents when your real estate agents already have everything stored digitally?  ShortTrack has connected the top real estate software applications with the top title softwares to allow orders and documents just to appear! Learn more about EasyOrdersTM.

  • Digital Questionnaires

    Eliminate re-key and time-consuming document exchange from infosheets & welcome documents with ShortTrack’s EasyDocs.  Have your sellers and buyers complete their questionnaires in customized web forms and eSign with DocuSign.  ShortTrack will push all the data and documents into your title production software.  The entire process is automated and encrypted.

  • eSignature Automation

    ShortTrack has a long standing integration with the industry’s most reliable e-signature software, DocuSign.  All signed documents are pushed automatically into your title production software.  No more looking through emails and uploading!   Whether you want your Welcome Package e-signed, or you’re e-signing closing documents that do not require a wet-signature, we make it easy and automated!

  • Secure delivery of wire instructions

    Like many title agents, you have made cyber security a top issue, especially when it comes to wire instructions.  Unfortunately, the real estate agents and attorneys that you work with still use their insecure email accounts as their main form of communication.  Fortunately, the solution is simple  – Take the wire instructions out of email and store them encrypted in the cloud with ShortTrack.  Learn More.

  • Eliminate data re-key


    ShortTrack has integrations with the RamQuest, ResWare, SoftPro, and propriety title production systems.  We make data transfer easy.  Let us know if you would like us to connect you.


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  • Accessible On Any Device


    You may work from a desk, but your clients don’t.   Status updates and new information can happen at any time, making it crucial to stay informed and immediately communicate changes to your customers.  ShortTrack is accessible from any mobile device through its responsive web app, securing any NPI in the event a device is lost or stolen.