• The standard title order is a mess.

    You pound the pavement every day to get new business.   You finally convince an agent to send you one order.  The onboarding experience for that order is best described as a reading a map inside of a washing machine.   You smile and assure them that everything is okay, but the reality is that the getting that second order is going to be nearly impossible.  What can you do?


  • Standard title order instructions.


  • The Easy Order.

    What if real estate agents only needed to click a button in their software (that they are already using) and the order is automatically created in your title software?!   Even the documents!  Just let it percolate for a bit…

    Right?  This is AWESOME!

  • Data and documents passed along simply and efficiently.

Introducing…  EasyOrdersTM

ShortTrack has made data transfer easy from real estate agents to title agents by integrating with the top real estate agent software applications.


What placing an order looks like for your real estate agents.


  • Dotloop users add you to the loop.



  • DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate users invite you to the transaction people list.

  • zipForm users click “Send To”.


How you look the first time you get a ShortTrack title order.

  • ShortTrack makes getting the order easy.

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