The Universal Title Connector TM

The leader in secure, comprehensive connectivity, ShortTrack connects title companies to their vendors throughout any real estate transaction.

  • The Current Integration Process

    Spend months communicating with different software companies

    Pay each company a set-up fee

    Wait 1-2 years

    Ongoing IT support and compliance

  • The ShortTrack Integration Process

    Integrate with ShortTrack once

    Be ready in < 90 days

    Let ShortTrack manage everything

  • Pre-built integrations and APIs

    ShortTrack has integrations into the major title production systems, as well as several major LOS systems, and the most popular real estate transaction management platforms.

Title Partner Integrations

  • Banking

    Send & Approve Wires.

  • Lenders

    Create TPS orders & connect to LOSs.

  • e-Closing

    Complete e-closings from TPSs.

  • Search

    Receive/send search documents and data.

  • Fee Engines

    Connect to LOSs and TPSs.

A few of the companies who use ShortTrack