Revolutionize how you do business

  • Real Estate Agents can simply click a button from their software, and the title order will arrive in yours.   You then continuously receive documents in your title software automatically.

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  • EasyOrdersTM

    Real Estate agents just click a button in their software and the order shows up!

  • EasyDocs

    Your clients complete customized web forms, e-sign, and the data is synced with your software.

  • DocuSign

    Have your e-signed documents automatically sync with your title software.

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What our customers are saying

  • Our people were asking about multiple providers they found…I kept coming back to ShortTrack. It has almost everything and it’s more cost effective.

  • We were able to stop worrying about secure document delivery all while giving our customers easy, mobile access. New business by increasing compliance…who would have thought?

    KarenSales Manager