Manage Your Exposure

Since its inception in 1853, the title industry has insured against Loss & Liability.  With the CFPB, title and settlement providers need to worry about new regulatory oversight and exposure.

Loss prevention has always been about ‘when’, not ‘if’.  When the regulators come, they won’t stop at your Closing Disclosures.  They’ll flyspeck your protection of consumer NPI by checking if documents and communications were managed securely.

  • Secure Process and Audit Trails

    Process and audit trails are paramount in the CFPB era.  Email encryption can help, but it irritates your customers, and may not work with your lender. More importantly, all it takes in ONE non-encrypted email to expose your entire business.

    Take the guesswork out of handling ALTA’s Pillar #3. ShortTrack helps you stay compliant with NPI, Data Collection, Documents, Communication Process.

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  • Simple NPI Protection

    Secure all documents and non-public personal information in one location.

  • One-Click Title Orders

    Be the easy order by letting your Realtors just click a button in their software.

  • Contact Management

    You don’t have to bother finding a CRM.  It is already included!

  • Eliminate re-key time

    For seamless data exchange, ShortTrack integrates with your title production software

  • Closing Notifications

    Notify everyone when and where the closing will happen (or when it’s been moved).

  • Mobile web application

    You may work from a desk, but your customers don’t.  ShortTrack’s web app secures all NPI in case of phone loss.

  • Dynamic Workflows

    Create as many workflows for as many customers as you want, without having to consult the IT department.


  • Clients can just use email

    Your clients don’t have to log in. They can just simply respond to any ShortTrack notification by email.


What Makes Us Different?

  • BUILT for Real Estate

    ShortTrack was built by Real Estate Experts and customized for the modern needs of the title company.

  • Simple

    Maybe you’ve only used Outlook before.  No Problem – ShortTrack is quick and easy to learn.

  • A new look for Title

     ShortTrack brings a modern look and feel to title software that your customers will love.


Pioneering the new wave of title industry software

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