Introducing SmartMailTM 


Eliminate human error and judgment lapses on NPI


Stop spending evenings wondering if NPI is in your employees’ emails…
… while making security easier for the same price as email encryption.

  • Just send your email.


    Here, Steve, the closing manager, included the seller’s social security number in his email. Chris, a long time customer, doesn’t like to search for a bunch of separate documents and Steve just wanted things to move quickly like usual.

    SmartMailTM  automatically checked for anything that appears to be NPI.

  • Smart eMail email

  • Receive secure notifications.


    If Steve had used ACME Title’s prior email encryption software with this message because it contained NPI, Chris would have received a similar notification. *But Steve didn’t do that.* Lucky for Steve, SmartMailTM caught the NPI in the email and redirected the email as an encrypted message. No thinking required.

    Chris can just click the SmartMailTM link or login to see his inbox.

  • SmartMail Notification

  • Open inbox for all secured emails.


    Here, since Chris is a frequent customer of ACME Title, when he logs in he can see all of the emails sent to him that contained potential NPI in his Inbox.

    Chris clicks on today’s message.

  • SmartMail Inbox List

  • View each email securely.


    Just like with an encrypted email, Chris can read the secure email content.

    If he wants to respond to Steve securely, he just clicks the Reply button.

  • SmartMail-secured message pane

  • View and download attachments.


    To get the encrypted attachment, Chris just clicks the download button.

    He can also preview the document to make sure he has received the correct one.

  • SmartMail Attachment2

  • See every sent email that SmartMailTM secured.

    Steve logs into his account. He can see and search all the emails that were captured and sent securely by SmartMailTM in his “Sent” tab.  Any secure replies are captured in the “Inbox”.

  • SmartMail Sent List

Janice’s Social Security Number was saved from email snatching pirates!

Steve and everyone at ACME Title Co. never have to think about encryption again!

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