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     Use ShortTrack on any mobile device, from anywhere.

     One account to manage all of your leads, contacts, transactions, and closings.

  • Secure Collaboration

    Share docs & communication with user-specific permissions.

  • Clients just use email

    Send, receive, and track email.  Your clients never have to log in.

  • Mobile

    Easy file uploading & simple notifications on the go.


  • Get secure transaction management.

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  • Take the Stress out of Running Your Business

    Easily identify how many outstanding transactions there are.  See which files a have incomplete tasks, upcoming closings, or documents that need to be signed. Move to the side bar to navigate the rest of the site, easily accessing your secure data.

  • Collaborate with Your Team

    Start by inviting people to collaborate with you on your team.  They can see basic transaction information that you make public.  You can then separately share documents, tasks, emails, and even notes.   Your team members can create their own password protected accounts to view secure documents.  They’ll also receive notifications by email, to ensure they know what is going on regardless of signing in.

  • Transaction team

  • Mobile View transaction management

  • Work from anywhere – it’s mobile!

    Empower customers, employees, and other stakeholders to work with you from anywhere.  You can capture all their emails a documents in one secure place, while staying on task.  Need to send of a document for a quick signature?  Request e-Signatures from ShortTrack with DocuSign or Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services.  Need to get a lead in from Zillow while your grabbing coffee?  It’s already there.  ShortTrack’s web app gives you one place to manage all of your leads, contacts, transactions, and closings anywhere securely.


  • Customers just use email

    Not all of your customers want to log in.  ShortTrack allows your customers to simply reply using their email.  All responses and documents will be automatically sorted and permissioned to the correct file in ShortTrack.  Whether you are setting up a closing notification, sharing a document, assigning a task, or inviting someone to a transaction team, all responses are logged so everything is organized and in one place at the closing.

  • Task notification

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  • Always Know What’s Happening

    Stay up-to-date and in-the-know with the Dashboard.  Track what’s due today and what is overdue.    See incoming messages and newly assigned tasks.

  • Get secure transaction management.

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  • Automate your office

    Take your checklists and turn them into dynamic workflow templates.  Use relative dates and task assignment by roles to create a repeatable process.  See efficiency increase by easily customizing a system to your specific requirements.

  • title workflow

  • Calendar

  • See your schedule at a glance

    With ShortTrack’s integrated calendar, you can see all of your tasks, events, and scheduled closings. Sort by Month, Week, or day view.  Keep everyone in your office and your customers informed by securely sharing tasks and events with them.

  • Go Paperless

    Add e-Signatures to eliminate paperwork and increase your sales.  ShortTrack Professional includes an integration with your prepaid DocuSign account. Simply input your DocuSign credentials and you’re officially a paperless office!


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  • contact management

  • Know who your top customers are

    ShortTrack’s built-in contact management system allows you to keep track of your contacts, take notes on them, manage tasks, and monitor their transaction volume in your organization. You can view them in table that can be sorted, or a more visual layout (image). In addition to managing contacts, you can can create companies to manage the brokerages, lenders, title, and lawfirms your contacts belong to.

  • Seamlessly manage your leads

    ShortTrack’s built-in lead management tool allows you to manage both buy and sell side leads. When your leads sign a contract, click a button and manage them in the mobile transaction management platform. To make your life easier, ShortTrack partnered with Zillow’s tech connect program, allowing you to automatically pull your leads in

  • LEAD Managment

  • closing notificaitons

  • Automate Closing Changes

    Notify everyone of the closing date, time, and location with the click of a button. Notifications are instantly sent to all transaction team members. Closing time changed? Just update the closing information and ShortTrack will automatically send everyone a new notification and update the shared calendar.

  • Secure NPI simply

    Audit trails and securing NPI are paramount in the age of the CFPB.   Protect your business and get a leap on the competition by securing your communications & documents every time with ShortTrack.

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  • ShortTrack is simply effective.

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    Be a ShortTrack Pro.

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