Product Updates

  • June, 2017

      • Released new version of ShortTrack for title agents
      • Completed integration with ResWare

    May, 2017

      • Corrected bug on message create that created some delays
      • Finished enterprise permissions upgrade for title agencies

    April, 2017

      • Fixed email response capture bug on notifications
      • Fixed blank field issue in messages

    March, 2017

      • Fixed a bug on adding Transaction closing locations
      • Added additional date fields to the transaction details view

    February, 2017

      • Fixed “” bug that wasn’t allowing messages to tag correctly
      • Fixed transaction email bug that was occurring on certain transactions

    January, 2017

      • Finished back-end architecture that increased “Search” power
      • Fixed “Add to Transaction Team” bug when adding a person to the people list.

    December, 2016

      • Corrected bug on deleting a lead
      • Completed integration with MailChimp

    November, 2016

      • Completed integration with Google Drive
      • Fixed intermittent bug on adding a person to a team from the people list
      • Testing began on the next major ShortTrack upgrade

    October, 2016

      • Partnership announced with zipLogix™
      • Increased search speed on transaction list
      • Optimized responsive design for mobile devices

    September, 2016

      • Fixed delete document function
      • Send multiple documents to a transaction via the transaction email address
      • Expanded Contact tab layout

    August, 2016

      • Enabled a duplicate workflow button
      • Added a space between first and last name in Leads
      • Added Rental and Buyer/Seller to lead source
      • Integration with RamQuest press release

    July, 2016

      • Updated text field validation to require decimals in Transaction Details tab
      • Improved Enterprise account set up for simpler creation of Enterprise teams
      • Fixed an error occurring when a new task was added to an existing workflow
      • Repaired a search error occurring on Documents page
      • Cleaned up the UI of email notifications

    June, 2016

      • Repaired a bug affecting marking task complete in list view
      • Updated title order form permissions for tite agent and attorney communications
      • Fixed a bug causing Buy Side Closing time to misprint in Calendar
      • Updated Notes tab display for Leads
      • Updated transaction filters so archived transactions don’t display in the list view

    May, 2016

      • Integrated ShortTrack with MS Exchange/Outlook Calendar and Google Calendar
      • Completed Ramquest integration
      • Task view now displays all task statuses
      • Task status can be changed/updated without opening task details
      • Introduced automatic secure email using NPI sniffer for Title users

    April, 2016

      • Completed BrokerSumo integration
      • Completed Mail Control integration
      • Updated progress indicators and spinners
      • Fixed a bug affecting Contact avatars
      • Added Team Sharing notifications
      • Added new ‘Read permissions only’ helpers
      • Added file and escrow numbers to Transaction Details page for title users
      • Squashed a bug affecting Teams
      • Updated the Activation notification

    March, 2016

      • Added a print function to transaction tabs, through the printer icon in the header
      • Moved system-generated messages (like reminders) from the “Sent” into “Notifications” 
      • Released updates to the Title Order and Title Examination forms
      • Added Notes to Contacts in the CRM
      • Squashed a bug in the Messages tab that affected some contacts

    February, 2016

      • Added a secure pdf viewer with pagination in the documents tab
      • Moved transaction status edit from the transaction details tab to a status box icon in the transaction header
      • Updated the Activation/Sign In email invited transaction participants receive
      • Added a dashboard link to the transaction list view 
      • Added the property address to email invitation notifications

    January, 2016

      • Enabled split-closing from the schedule closing modal.
      • Updated the contact avatars
      • Enabled delete contact for non-transaction associated contacts
      • Fixed all new MS Edge bugs
      • Updated the title order and examination forms

    December, 2015

      • Added bcc tracking from your email client for all contacts in the ShortTrack CRM
      • Cleaned the eSignature dashboard to make it easier to see document stages
      • Redesigned document uploader to upload multiple documents at once from your computer or Dropbox 
      • Added Drag & Drop to reschedule Events and Tasks on the Calendar
      • Added a dashboard link to the task list view

    November, 2015

      • Added a secure image viewer in the documents tab
      • Share Tasks, Documents, Messages, Events, and Notes, with entire Teams
      • Added Drag and Drop feature to the workflow editor
      • Added filters for Transactions, Tasks and Messages 

    October, 2015

      • Launched a more simple and clean user interface for ShortTrack.
      • New Add button lets you add Transactions, Documents, Messages, Tasks, Events, Contacts, Companies and Leads from the same spot, on any page, at any time. 
      • Reorganized list views make it easier to view your ShortTrack data
      • Added the ability to add additional teams 

    September, 2015

      • Added overdue reminders
      • Added the relative due date, in addition to the calendar due date in task view
      • Added the role, in addition to the assigned person in the task view
      • Added multi-faceted sort on all main list views: Transactions, Documents, Messages, and Tasks

    August, 2015

      • Added the ability to change the assignee on a role based task to a specific person and maintain the role
      • Increased universal search performance
      • Adjusted phone numbers in a CRM contact so multiple phone numbers and types (mobile, work, etc.) can be added. 

    July, 2015

      • You can now add multiple offices to a company in the CRM.  This is very useful for scheduling closings at multiple locations.
      • Updated activity logs to display a full audit trail on every transaction
      • Added the ability to link a contact to a company

    June, 2015

      • Launched a new universal document uploader that now includes a Drag and Drop feature, with upload from computer and Dropbox
      • Fixed a navigation bug
      • Fixed a bug affecting the transfer of large documents to the eSignature platform
      • Fixed a bug that prevented the transaction list view from printing in certain cases

    May, 2015

      • Rolled out new reminder tickler/nags for all tasks.
      • We added an Earnest Money Escrow view so you can track earnest money deposits by property, agent, client and transaction status.
      • Fixed a couple of bugs–one affecting the user account type and one affecting the shared counter in Documents details view.
      • A little developer icing on the error handling cake; a.k.a. Improved error handling.
      • We reduced the required number of  keystrokes in the Leads form by adding an autofill button.

    April, 2015

      • Fixed the remove person from team bug that produced a error message.
      • Squashed a transaction notes bug that hindered saving in certain places.
      • Cleaned up the user document sharing notification.
      • Updated document folders layout and icons to make them easier to view and access.
      • Updated the sorting criteria for the main documents view.
      • Fixed an Internet Explorer bug that resulted in the wrong time stamp on activities and documents.
      • Completed the escrow tracking feature for title companies and brokerages.

    March, 2015

      • We made it easier to convert sell and buy side leads to transactions.  Clicking convert lead property to transaction now adds the property as a transaction.  ShortTrack  then automatically adds the lead to the transaction team as the role of buyer or seller, depending if it is a buy or sell side lead.
      • Updated the contact search in transaction task, offer, and the contacts page, speeding up search time.
      • Updated contacts list view to increase load and search speed.
      • Replaced the closing date with closing information in the transaction sprocket menu.
      • Fixed bug with editing tasks on older workflow templates in enterprise accounts.

    February, 2015

      • e-Signatures with Adobe EchoSign™ launches!   Adobe EchoSign is fully integrated as part of ShortTrack’s Pro Plus package – no separate payment.  You are also able to use your Adobe EchoSign account outside of ShortTrack if you choose.
      • Added “Update” plan button up in the top navigation bar.
      • Updated billing to a modal that is easier to interact with.
      • Moved plan comparison to the Profile view (a link from the billing modal will take you there)
      • Updated e-Signature label for a document that you sent for signature placement, but did not finish.
      • Added an automatic pull for Adobe EchoSign of the signed document to your documents list, and added the label “Signed” to the signed copy of the document.

    January, 2015

      • Reworked the add new document form.  Dropped a click, and made it easier to select My Computer or Dropbox. Then,  introduced the optional  “+” buttons to make changes before add a document. You can 1) change the name, 2) link to a transaction (if added from the top nav), 3) add any additional details, and then click add your doc.
      • Updated add task in a transaction to default to a “date certain” and a “person” not a role.  Also hid reminder.  If you’d like to set a reminder, simply click the “+” button.
      • Added Details specific to the title team tab for title professionals.
      • Added the closing date to the transaction sprocket menu.
      • Fixed bug with adding certain contacts to the title order form.
      • Updated  “Add to Team”  inside a transaction with a streamlined search and enhanced validation.

    December, 2014

      • Rolled out ShortTrack Professional, which includes an integration with DocuSign.  Simply connection your paid DocuSign account to ShortTrack and you can sign and keep track of your signatures in the documents view.
      • Added the Signatures tab in the Documents view.   The signature dashboard shows you Pending, Completed, Awaiting Signature, and Expiring Soon.  Documents out for signature are listed in the Signatures tab and labeled “Pending”.
      • Added filtering by event type to the Calendar view.  Filter the entries on your calendar to see everything, or by Closings, Events or Tasks.  This is especially helpful on mobile devices.

    November, 2014

      • Added relationships view to contacts.  Users can see the frequency professionals close deals with each other.
      • Added the closing information form to transactions.  You can edit the time, location, duration, and add any additional information about the closing.   We also gave the user the option to send a notification out to the transaction team – just make sure notifications are checked in the form.
      • Increased performance of task creation when selecting workflows with relative dates and roles
      • Modified task relative dates so that you select the type of relative date first, then “On, Before, After”, then amount, and unit.  This solved the issue of clicking back and forth between On, Before, After to reset.

    October, 2014

      • Enhanced Offers:  We’ve streamlined the steps involved with moving an accepted offer forward.  Now when you add an offer and mark it ‘Accepted by Seller’ ShortTrack automatically updates the transaction Team with the Buyer, Buyer’s Agent and Attorney names and roles.  Any tasks assigned to those roles will seamlessly be assigned to those individuals and they’ll get a notification to login and complete the task.
      • Enhanced performance of the activity view inside a transaction, document, and contact.
      • Launched ShortTrack’s Free basic version with unlimited transactions.

     September, 2014

      • Added reminders for tasks.  You can set a fixed due date reminder or even a relative date reminder for days, weeks or months before the task is due.  The recipient will receive a notification by email to complete the task.
      • Calendar:  We color coded Events, Tasks and Closings to make them visually distinguishable when viewing your calendar.  Tasks – blue, Events – Orange, Closings – Green.  Now it’s easier to tell what is what without having to view the calendar entry’s details.
      • Enhanced performance on workflow addition to a transaction.

    August, 2014

      • We made sharing faster and simpler to choose a permission level.  There are three levels: 1) view only, 2) view and edit  3) view, edit, and delete.   Using the new contact search form, contacts are found faster.  You can also add a new contact from the sharing view.  We added the ability to turn the notification on or off.  Lastly, there is no need to click save anymore.   Once the permission level is chosen,  will automatically save and the notification will go out (if selected).
      • You can now add documents to tasks from your calendar.  Find a task you want to attach a document, click the task, and add the document.  You no longer need to go to the transaction task view to attach a document.
      • Message view redesign. the new Messages view makes it easier to see all your inbound and outbound message details on the main landing page.  Now you can see the sender, property, subject with content preview, number of attachments, date and how many people the message has been shared with all without opening a message.
      • Dashboard redesign.  Our improved dashboard gives you a snapshot of the most recent Task and Inbox activity in your account when you log in.  You’ll also see your Stats: Active and Closed Transactions and incomplete and past due Tasks.  A line graph of active transactions and pie chart of transaction statuses are also featured.

    July, 2014

      • Enhanced Transaction Team view.  We simplified adding a contact to a team and designating the transaction side and role.  Now building your People and Team lists is streamlined.  It’s easier to see who is on the Team versus People who are merely involved in the transaction.  You can see what side (Buy or Sell) everyone is on and what their role is.
      • Redesigned Transactions & Documents views.  Now you can more easily get the information you want in one view without having to click to different views.  In the Transactions view we added tooltips to show you the entire transaction team, all documents and signatures for a transaction.  You can also see when the transaction was last updated.  In the Documents view, hover over the Subfolders icon to see all of them without having to open the main Folder.  You can see who uploaded a document, when it was uploaded and who it’s been shared with.
      • Added Folders view to documents page.  Each folder can also have up to 50 subfolders as well.  You can upload new documents from your computer or move existing documents in ShortTrack into a folder.
      • Added a Help button to the upper right corner by your account name.  Clicking help navigates you to the support site where you can search FAQs and the knowledge base.

    June, 2014

      • Recipients of notifications can now just respond via email without having to log in to ShortTrack.  When a message or task notification is sent from ShortTrack, the recipient simply needs to respond to the message, along with any documents, and ShortTrack captures everything in the correct transaction.  The documents and messages are also captured in our general messages and documents view, tagged correctly to the appropriate transaction.
      • Updated the transaction specific email address.  Email messages and documents to your transaction without having to log in.  In the mobile view, clicking the transaction email pulls your default email client.  In the desktop view, the transaction email is copied to your clipboard.
      • Relative Due Dates for Tasks:  Real estate transaction progress is marked by events in time. We added the ability to set task due dates relative to the following user create dates:  create (date created in ST), start (set on date list), listing, offer acceptance, and closing.  Additionally, you can also select:  offer expiration, open escrow, close escrow, buyer signed, atty modification, inspection cont, appraisal cont, financing cont, contract close, listing expiration, short sale approval, notice of default, foreclosure, and auction date.   Relative Due Dates make your workflows and other tasks relevant to each individual transaction because the trigger date (start date, listing date closing date, etc.) are unique based on the date you choose.
      • Task assignment by Role:  Organize your transaction tasks even before you know who the parties are using Roles – critical for workflow templates as you always have an professionals to complete the same tasks by the same time, but the professionals involved change on each transaction.  Simply select the side of the transaction the party is on (Sell, Buy, or Title).  Then select their role in the transaction.  We have pre-populated list for each side, but you can add as many roles as you want by clicking the “+”.
      • Added functionality to duplicate existing workflow templates.   Simply click duplicate inside of an existing workflow, select a new name, and you have a new workflow without having to add each individual task from scratch.  Add or remove tasks, change a relative date, or the role responsible for the task as needed.
      • New Task list view and Search.  We updated the Tasks view to make it easier to see Tasks for all your transactions whether they are assigned to you or others.  You can see the description, property address, due date, person responsible for the task and whether a task has been shared with others all in one view.  We also enhanced the search functionality to make it easier and faster to find tasks.

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